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Important question on Cindy McCain and her theft

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As you probably already know, Cindy McCain was addicted to prescription drugs (Vicatem and/or Percocet, 30-50 pills a day) and stole drugs from her charity to support her habit. Now a whistleblower has come forward to fill out the details in this picture, and what he has to say is surprising. The post begins:

A whistleblower is coming forth against John and Cindy McCain, and the picture he is painting is not a pretty one.  You’ve probably heard about Cindy McCain stealing prescription drugs from her charity in the 1990s.  Today, Tom Gosinski, her former employee and a close friend of the McCain’s, came out on the record about the entire sordid episode.  And it appears that McCain used his Senate staff and resources to cover up Cindy’s drug use, and potentially to prevent the Drug Enforcement Agency from investigating his wife’s theft of illegal prescription drugs.  John McCain certainly used his political connections to begin a campaign of intimidation against Gosinski, because at the time – this was after the Keating 5 scandal – another major scandal would have derailed his career.  Gosinski stayed quiet out of fear until today; a recent fight with cancer has strengthened his resolve.  As he told me today, if he can beat cancer, he can go on the record regarding how the McCain’s do business.

There’s more (and also video) at the link, so keep reading. And note this post which asks why the Washington Post apparently pulled a story on the same thing.

Written by Leisureguy

11 September 2008 at 1:05 pm

Posted in Drug laws, GOP, Government

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  1. Palin paraded her 17 year old, pregnant, unmarried daughter, Bristol, and Bristol’s boyfriend around the stage at the RNC. In fact, Sarah Palin’s first child, Track, was born when she had been married about seven months. Her admitted marijuana smoking, the abuse of office accusations. All of the above happened while Sarah Palin professed to be a Christian.

    John McCain, fifth from the bottom of his Naval Academy class of 899 members, and widely known as an adulterer, married Cindy one month after he divorced his first family. Cindy’s drug theft charge.

    These two families in the White House would provide fodder for the tabloids for years to come.

    Such a terrible example for our young people.


    15 September 2008 at 7:49 am

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