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Good advice on avoiding Bisphenol A.

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Andrea Dickson has good advice. From the post at the link:

Six Wise has some good tips on how to avoid BPA in your life (following list is taken from Six Wise).

If you want to avoid products with BPA, keep in mind the following:

  • Plastic that contains BPA carries the #7 recycling symbol.
  • Most clear plastic baby bottles and child cups are made of BPA-containing plastic.
  • Dental sealant may leach BPA; this is being debated. You may want to avoid dental sealants on your children’s baby teeth.

You can minimize your BPA exposure by:

  • Replacing plastic food and drink containers and utensils with glass, ceramic or metal varieties.
  • Purchasing glass baby bottles.
  • Using baby bottles and sippy cups made of polyethylene plastic (#1, #2, #4 recycling symbols) or polypropylene (#5) (these are usually colored, not clear, and should still not be heated).
  • Not using canned foods or foods wrapped in plastic.
  • Not letting children put plastic toys in their mouths.
  • Being careful with BPA-containing plastics, if you choose to use them. This means not exposing them to heat (microwave, dishwasher) or harsh detergents (bleach, etc.) and not letting food or beverages sit in the containers for too long.

More at the link.

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16 September 2008 at 5:19 pm

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  1. One can also find “no BPA” labels embossed on the bottoms of some refillable plastic bottles — Nalgene, e.g., now prints this on at least some of their bottles.



    16 September 2008 at 6:52 pm

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