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Trying to stop the ethics investigation

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Michael Isikoff has an interesting post on how the GOP is working hard to shut down the investigation into why Palin fired Monegan. Read the post for a clear account of what’s going on, including this paragraph:

Then this week, Van Flein (again assisted by O’Callaghan) filed a new motion with the Personnel Board. This one argued that, after a review of the evidence, including internal e-mails within the governor’s office, the governor’s lawyers had determined there was “no probable cause” to pursue any ethics inquiry into Palin at all. As a result, it argued, the previous motion for an ethics inquiry (which Van Flein himself had filed less than two weeks ago) should be dismissed.

Some efforts lead to a very tangled web indeed. The reasons for Monhegan’s firing have been all over the map, beginning with a claim that he hadn’t been fired at all (which didn’t last long once he showed the letter that terminated his employment). Liars should have good memories.

Steve Benen points out that the current reason for firing Monhegan is that he was getting tough on child molesters. Seriously. This at least is consistent with the McCain campaign’s attack on Barack Obama for legislation teaching young kids (beginning in Kindergarten) how to be wary of sexual predators. The post at the link begins:

Sarah Palin’s explanations for why she fired Walt Monegan as Alaska’s public safety commissioner have evolved over time. Most of the justifications have been debunked, and some of the reasons contradict other reasons.

But as Zachary Roth explains, the latest explanation is a real doozy.

…Palin’s latest explanation for why she fired Walt Monegan is that he had gone over her head in seeking federal money for an initiative to combat sexual assault crimes, before she had approved the program.

But it now appears that the program in question is one that most elected officials would be wary of admitting they hadn’t strongly backed. According to Peggy Brown, who heads the Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, Monegan wanted to use the federal money to hire retired troopers and law enforcement officials, and assign them to investigate the most egregious cases of sexual assault — including those against children.

In other words, if Palin’s new story is true, she fired Monegan for being too aggressive in going after child molesters.

Seriously, that’s the argument. Sexual abuse is a real problem in Alaska; Palin never considered it a high priority of her administration; and Monegan was anxious to tackle the problem by taking advantage of a federal program. And Palin rewarded Monegan for his efforts by firing him. That is, as of now, the official line from Palin’s camp.

More at the link. Read the whole thing.

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17 September 2008 at 10:15 am

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