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Magical thinking

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Very interesting comment from a reader of Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish:

Regarding the “odd lies” of Sarah Palin. I grew up in a deeply evangelical family, and through the lens of evangelical thinking the world is magical, populated with demons and angels, devils and gods. You are taught not to believe your eyes or your senses, that the wisdom of man is foolishness to god. That belief is Truth.  That belief is Truth before reality is truth.  What comes out of this is what I’ll call magical thinking.

You feel the presence of God, feel Him talking to you, feel the mission of your life, the purpose the plan the direction given to you by God. So everything becomes like a mythic fairy tale. You get in the habit of fitting the day to day realities into a ‘story’ the life story of God’s purpose in your life.

This is how Sarah becoming Governor is destiny.

Her memory is constantly rewriting the reality to fit her proscribed vision within an evangelical Christianity that has direct contact with god. If you see all of her ‘lies’ through this lens they begin to make perfect sense.

Thought I would share: I can totally feel what she is feeling. And if you look at those leaked emails, the prayer talk, and faith talk and god talk, it completely fills your thoughts every moment of every day.

I once worked at a company owned and run by Biblical literalists, and I was one of very few hires who did not fall into that category. I well recognize the mindset the commenter describes. For example, when the company lost an important contract, there was much discussion of why God had chosen to punish the company. I suggested that perhaps God was simply rewarding the other company, which got the contract. People were not convinced, since they lived in a mindset in which they were at the center of God’s concerns.

The same thing happened some years back when a plane crash killed everyone on board. A small group of Christian singers—a quartet, I believe, who specialized in Christian songs—failed to make the flight by the narrowest of margins: the driver asked at a turn on the way to the airport, “Left?” and the reply was “Right,” which he took to mean “Correct,” so he turned the wrong way. The singers were interviewed about their narrow escape, and they said that they felt that God had downed the flight and killed everyone on board to send them (the singers) a message about the importance of their work.

Written by Leisureguy

18 September 2008 at 9:45 am

Posted in Daily life, Religion

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