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New largest known prime number found

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It’s a Mersenne prime, of course: 243,112,609-1. Here’s part of the article:

It is a prime number. Indeed, it is the largest prime number ever found.

The Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search, or GIMPS, a computing project that uses volunteers’ computers to hunt for primes, found the prime and just confirmed the discovery. It can now claim a $100,000 prize from the Electronic Frontier Foundation for being the first to find a prime number that has more than 10 million digits. …

As pointed out in the article, the newly discovered prime has 13 million digits.

When I was in grad school at Dartmouth, Prof. Kurtz, in any conversation about the largest known prime, would ask, “What’s the largest known power of ten?”  🙂

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21 September 2008 at 8:46 am

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