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Interesting insights into Palin’s career

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From someone who knows her. Story begins:

Sarah Palin’s meteoric rise to political superstardom got its start thanks to Nick Carney, who soon came to regret the move.

Carney, who now lives in Ivins, Utah, has known Palin almost her whole life – his daughter went to school and played basketball with Sarah “Barracuda” Heath. He recruited her to run for office, but says her tenure as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, was a disappointment, during which she looked out for herself and her cronies who she put in management positions.

Since Palin was nominated to be vice president, he has received countless phone calls from media outlets and he has given less than glowing reviews on his former colleague.

“I’m shocked” that she was picked to be vice president, Carney said Thursday. “And the reason I am has nothing to do with our personal relationship. As a voter, I can’t believe Mr. McCain would pick someone who has no foreign experience, someone who has . . . nothing to offer for solving our economic woes, has, frankly, far less experience in the energy field than she would like to think she does.”

Palin’s recruitment

In 1992, Carney, then president of the Wasilla Chamber of Commerce, and other business owners worked to enact a 2 percent sales tax to create a police department, and ran for city council to make sure the department got funded.

To help the cause, he recruited Palin, then 28, a political newcomer who agreed to run if she got help with the race. The sales tax narrowly passed and both Carney and Palin won council seats.

For 18 months she did a fine job, said Carney. Then she …

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23 September 2008 at 3:28 pm

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