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Valuable lesson learned

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Often it’s difficult to quantify the value of a lesson learned, but rather easy in this case. I had 4 DVDs to return to Blockbuster. I go out to the car, open the garage door, and see that the recycling bins need to be moved from the curb to their rightful place. So I place the stack of DVDs on the trunk lid, put the recycling bins away (3 bins = 2 trips), return to the car, get in, and drive off. Halfway to Blockbusters, I suddenly realize…

Stop the car, look in back, look on trunk lid (pathetic), and see no DVDs. Return home, following same route. No DVDs. Go to Blockbuster, ask what it will cost if they’re not returned. Total: $60 = value of lesson.

My view of human nature is such that I estimate with 80% probability that the DVDs will be returned to Blockbusters in a week. We’ll see.

Written by Leisureguy

29 September 2008 at 2:02 pm

Posted in Daily life

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