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Cool resource for science teachers

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Take a look. Post begins:

One time, I suggested in a list-serve that science teachers make more use of primary scientific literature. Naturally, I learned all the reasons why teachers don’t do this-lack of access being one of the biggies- but I also learned something surprising.

One teacher wrote that she re-writes a lot of research articles to make them easier for her students to read. I can understand that notion, in principle. My students struggle with scientific language, too, even those that have bachelor’s degrees in biology.

What surprised me was thinking about the amount of time that activity would take! Yikes! When would you find time for teaching if you were busy re-writing articles?

Still, the idea of having students read articles that have been pre-chewed and digested a bit, plus summarized in easier language is attractive.

Well, now we’re in luck. is there to help. This is a wonderful resource created by Dave Munger, and assisted by several others, and powered by technology donated from Seed Media Group.

How does this work?
Bloggers who write about scientific literature use a special icon to identify those posts. They also register at the Researchblogging web site with their credentials and favorite topics. When those bloggers write about a research paper, the information gets referenced in Researchblogging.

How would I use this in my class?

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30 September 2008 at 1:52 pm

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