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Overall, no detectable media bias

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Certainly there are cases of media bias here and there, but in general, Editor & Publisher reports, there’s no evidence of overall media bias:

For the past two months, the database LexisNexis people have been analyzing the massive number of articles it handles for election campaign coverage. It turns out that media coverage of GOP vice-presidential Sarah Palin has actually been quite balanced, with 26% of some 6,000 articles and TV/radio reports last week deemed positive, 22% negative and 52% “neutral.”

Not to mention the McCain ticket getting 60% more coverage than the Obama team last week.

Rex Huppke, writing in the Chicago Tribune today, adds, “Since the media tracking began, the tone of coverage has been almost identical for each top-of-the-ticket candidate, LexisNexis has found, again flying in the face of widespread claims that the media favor Obama over McCain.”

And: “While Palin and McCain spent last week atop the media charts, Obama running mate Sen. Joe Biden was tossed in the discount bin, receiving only 683 stories to Palin’s 6,027.”

Written by LeisureGuy

30 September 2008 at 1:48 pm

Posted in Election, Media

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  1. I wonder, though, if it is possible to measure the meta-variety of bias, that is, what stories are and are not covered, no matter how. I think that’s where the worst offenses lie. The Ohio 2004 presidential election fraud case, for instance, that just had a stay lifted and is continuing with some fairly startling revelations. Important with another presidential election looming, but where is it?



    30 September 2008 at 2:21 pm

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