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Hard times expected

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From ThinkProgress:

35 percent: The share of Americans who are “now ‘very concerned’ that they or someone else in their household will be out of work and looking for a job within the next twelve months,” according to a new CBS News/New York Times poll. The percentage is a 12 point increase from last week.

In light of that, let me draw your attention to these posts:

Managing Money — includes an Excel workbook to construct your budget
Free budgeting tools — links to many budgeting tools
Seven good habits — an approach to effectiveness
Outliners — a great tool for break goals into tasks, tasks, into subtasks
Practicing patience — patience is a great strength when used effectively
Prepare for your layoff — you will be laid off at some point—be ready
Why unions — why did unions form and why are they important?
What unions did in Las Vegas — heartwarming
Hiring a star — interviewing to determine whether you have a potential star
Mindmapping software — some people find mindmaps helpful
Doing your best — what it means to do your best—and what it’s like
12 pointers to advance — essential steps to successful advancement
The yessable proposition — what it is and why it’s important
Doing presentations — guidance for standout presentations
Early hindsight — a useful technique adaptable to many creative situations
Nominal Group Technique — often more effective than brainstorming
Making group decisions — software that captures group judgment
Making sound decisions — how to avoid the common traps in decision-making

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24 October 2008 at 10:13 am

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