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Great movie: Local Hero

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I love Local Hero, and have seen it several times. Quiet but potent. Here’s a recent article on the movie by Jasper Rees:

A year ago, Donald Trump’s plan to plant a golfing resort on a strip of Aberdonian coastline hit a glitch. A farmer living in a trailer declined to sell up. A personal visitation from the gambling squillionaire resulted in a salty Anglo-Saxon exchange. Boy, would it be good to see the movie. Except that in a way we already have.

Local Hero“, in which a Texan oil company’s attempt to buy up a whole Scottish village is thwarted by a lone white-haired beachcomber, is 25 years old. Half the film was shot up the road in the tiny port of Pennan (above)–nowadays billed, on, as the home of “Scotland’s most famous phone box”. The anniversary is worth celebrating not just because of the happy recurrence of its plot. Bill Forsyth’s film is a modest masterpiece.

That’s how I’ve always thought of it, anyway. I first saw “Local Hero” as a school leaver in 1983, and it has stayed in my head ever since, along with Mark Knopfler’s bittersweet acoustic theme tune. At first, it seemed merely a comic gem. The joke was that the hicks are far cannier than they appear to MacIntyre, the cocksure emissary sent from Houston to negotiate. But the older you get, the more it looks like the darkest Nordic tragedy: having fallen for this bucolic paradise, the incomer is brutally exiled back to an inferno of skyscrapers and tailbacks.

It’s a measure of how subversive a film it was that …

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Written by LeisureGuy

7 November 2008 at 1:41 pm

Posted in Daily life, Movies & TV

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  1. Total agreement. I don’t own many DVD’s because not many, even great films, bear frequrnt re-viewing. LOCAL HERO is one I own and cherish, along with THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS, CANADIAN BACON, THE STING, and Brannagh’s HAMLET.

    Bob Slaughter

    8 November 2008 at 9:15 am

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