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Complaint about Obama’s appointments

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Not all of them, but specifically the EPA, Dept of Interior, and Dept of Agriculture. Mike Murphy at Firedoglake:

Yay! The US may finally have a leader who wants to avert global warming. Boo! Looks like we’ll be eating toxic swill while we do it. Um…President-Elect Obama, can we have a second helping of Change, please? Of course, PEO, we’ve every reason for gratitude on the energy and science picks. Change away from global mass death is change we really can believe in: survival rocks!

What a wonderful gift to find the Federal Climate Tree all decked out with Change. But the second half of the sustainablity recipie requires safe food, air, and water. Sadly, PEO, the Federal Yule banquet Chez Obama served up looks pretty rancid. You found brilliant talent for the science crowd: you know you could get some geniuses to stay down on the farms. So how you’re appointing Nobel Prize level talent in science, but you chose the Three Stooges to run land, farms, and the environment?

What’s on the menu at Interior? Better come with a big appetite: Interior controls one in five acres in America, including the vast Bureau of Land Management holdings. Interior supposedly regulates mining, energy leases, and royalties on oil and gas taken from Federal lands (including Native American lands). Some DOI lands are leased for farming; across the arid West ranchers and farmers lease BLM lands and/or irrigate cops with water from Interior’s Bureau of Reclamation dams. DOI’s land holdings are so vast that the chemicals used on them affect water supplies and private lands “downstream” from Interior lands. Thoug he’s not as bad as the Bushies, Obama’s Interior pick Senator Ken Salazar doesn’t appear at risk of waking up to a call from Stockholm. He also doesn’t seem likely to get the Right Livelihood Award.

Continue reading. There’s quite a bit more. I’m willing to cut Obama slack in his appointments, and wait to base my judgments on what the new administration actually does.

Written by LeisureGuy

21 December 2008 at 9:36 am

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