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Still working my way back to normal after computer work and thumb injury. For one thing, I have to wash quite a few pots, pans, and dishes—yesterday I bought a pair of rubber gloves, so no more excuses.

And this morning I had to run out to buy more mascarpone cheese. We’re going to grate fresh horseradish into it for a condiment for our roast beef. I had a little container, but I opened it to taste a spoonful, not realizing that once it’s opened it will vanish, spoonful by spoonful. I’m not opening the new package until I have a little pile of grated horseradish ready to mix into it immediately.

Plus I’m still working to get my computer back to normal. The shop, as part of their overall cleanup, removed quite a few icons from the desk tray and also changed some settings. Gradually I’m getting those back the way I like them. (Latest change: return the OneNote SideNote icon to the system tray.)

I did find a nice little timer to use on the computer: Dinner Timer Lite. It’s free, simple, and does the job. One minor point: in the upper right corner is a dropdown list from which you pick the alarm time. I didn’t get that at first. At the bottom, click the right box to see the clock, the left box to start the timer (with the time from that box in the upper right). It comes with a set of timer times, but you can add others—I added a 20-minute timer time.

So that’s why posts are going up slowly this morning.

Written by LeisureGuy

24 December 2008 at 9:58 am

Posted in Daily life

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