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Making 2009 more interesting

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The Eldest forwarded the following email, and I contacted the writer for permission to post it. Here it is:

Dear Friends,

These sure are extraordinary times, aren’t they?  Or are they?  We get up, get our kids ready for school, go to work, get home, get dinner, make our kids do homework, put them to bed, sit down and watch the tube, update our Facebook pages, fail to beat Jason at Scramble, catch a few minutes of Jon Stewart, go to bed …. and get up and do it again.  Weekends?  Maybe a party, a nice dinner, maybe some yardwork, maybe a getaway every now and then.  Some sex squeezed in there somewhere if we’re lucky … A decent vacation a few times a year….

Extraordinary?  Sometimes it feels like it’s anything but.  Not that our lives aren’t wonderful, and the envy of roughly 99.99% of the world’s population.  They are.  But how many more years do we have left to do something to make our days extraordinary?  I’m not talking about some insane midlife crisis stunt (though, more power to you if that’s what you need).  But I’m also not talking about your typical New Year’s resolution (though by all means, do get more exercise and spend more time with your family next year … and change the smoke alarm batteries twice a year.)

What I’m looking for is a pledge to do something extraordinary next year – literally, out of the ordinary – but achievable.  Somewhere between losing that extra five pounds, and winning a Best Director Oscar.  It could be ….

* Hike part of the Appalachian trail;
* Get conversationally fluent in a foreign language;
* Learn how to ride a motorcycle;
* Sing at a karaoke bar;
* Write a short story and get it published somewhere;
* Appear in a play at a local theater company;
* Bungee jump;
* Start a nonprofit to help people in need;
* Train for and run a marathon (a half-marathon?);
* Go on a retreat at a monastery (or convent);
* Make a sculpture of your kids ….

Something different … something to help you mark 2009 as unusual, above average, extraordinary.

Here’s the challenge:  Decide on your thing (thingy?) by the end of January 2, 2009, and email it to me.  You can send up to three extraordinary aspirations.  I’ll post all the results. Maybe I’ll set up a website where we can track everyone’s efforts.  Then, vote for the one item that you think is the single COOLEST thing AND that is likely to actually get done – but you can’t vote for yourself.  The winner gets a bottle of whatever they like (up to $50 in value), and the envy and accolades of your friends (priceless).  You receive it when you finish your accomplishment.

Good luck.   Waddya have to lose?  Maybe 2009 will be memorable … in a good way.

This reminds me of something The Son did: each year, on his birthday, he would identify something to learn in the coming year: a language, stonecutting, how to cook some regional cuisine, …  Then he would indeed tackle the new subject and learn it. He picked up quite a bit of knowledge that way, as well as a new career.

Written by LeisureGuy

24 December 2008 at 12:37 pm

Posted in Daily life

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