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The EPA: a ruined agency

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Kirk Murphy, MD, continues to follow the gigantic “clean-coal” disaster. His latest report begins:

The Carbon Lords’ subjects at TVA, together with the usual PR ghouls, began their usual Big Lie campaign to cover up the danger from the TVA’s catastrophic storage and discharge of toxic coal ash waste before the ash was even dry. Predictably, the Carbon Lords’ eager servants at EPA fell in line. On December 24, 2008, the EPA gave the TVA a belated Christmas present — a banquet of toxic lies for public consumption.

Current environmental data from surface water sampling indicates that several heavy metals are present in the surface water slightly above drinking water standards in the area of the spill, but not in the area of the Kingston water supply intake. Drinking water standards are designed to be conservative, and results to date are below concentrations EPA knows to be harmful to humans.

Guess we weren’t supposed to notice the EPA was reasurring us about the “safety” of water they collected upstream from the toxic catastrophe. Knowing that fact, and knowing the EPA not only chose to continue exposing all Americans to lead on our roads but also lied to the entire planet about the toxic dust from the Twin Towers, why should anyone trust anything the Bushie EPA says about the deadly coal ash poisons the TVA stored and spilled in Tennessee?

The TVA’s incompetence and gross negligence dumped such huge quantities of lead and other heavy metals (all of them chemical elements, which can never be destroyed) that centuries from now, the area under the spill and the far wider area the spilled coal ash blows or drains over will still be contaminated with heavy metals. This toxic burden falls atop the huge toxic waste burden the notoriously corrupt TVA and the even more notoriously incompetent Oak Ridge nuke labs have dumped on the land, water, and creatures of Tennessee for over fifty years.

Industry, together with their frequent co-conspirators in the Federal government, have been lying to Americans about lead for decades. Starting in the 1920’s the Ethyl Corp lied for decades about the “safety” of leaded gas…even after company docs knew lead was neurotoxic (and fatal) to workers there. Back in 1986, when the EPA still occasionally took on industry instead of abetting industrial crimes, America rose above the lies and banned leaded gas. Two decades after we got lead out of gas, we’re still distributing it along the nation’s roadways. How is this possible? Easy…if you’re a megacorp. The Bushie EPA chose to keep allowing lead on our roads, in the form of lead weights used to balance wheels. You see, the EPA can’t get around to banning them. Why? Effective regualtion on our behalf directly threatens the Villagers’ Prime Directive: the Federal goverment exists to serve elites. While the elites profit, our brain cells die. Amazingly enough, lead’s still neurotoxic, apparently capable of damaging complete brains and developing brains at any measurable concentration.

Along with lead, thallium’s one of the heavy metals found in coal and among the toxic wastes Oak Ridge released on their way to making the surrounding communities a National Sacrifice Zone. When the Bushie EPA played PR games and tried to tell us their initial water samples were fairly safe — by using the familiar dodge of testing upstream from the toxic release site — they couldn’t even give that water a clean bill of health. Why? The upstream water contained the deadly element thallium at levels three times over permissible concentrations. As Soviet assassins and rodent exterminators know well, thallium is extremely toxic at very low concentrations; even if we believe the EPA’s bland assurances that water filtration plants eliminate heavy metals, folks who’ve been eating fish from those waters have been chronically exposed to this cumulative poison.

If the US had effective and assertive public health services, there’d be much more awareness and community-based epidemiological studies covering all of our National Sacrifice Zones, including Oak Ridge, Cancer Alley along the lower Mississippi, Hanford along the Columbia River, and huge swaths of the Corn Belt in which multiple herbicides and pesticides have effectively contaminated virtually all drinking water for hundreds of miles. If.

In the America we live in, the EPA “found” this near-inevitable toxic waste from coal combustion when they just happened to sample water near a coal burning power plant. They chose to sample upstream from where the TVA’s Kingston Power plant allowed more than a billion gallons of toxic coal ash waste to spill over the landscape, only to demonstate that thallium poisioned the water before it ever flowed though the wastes.

Why hadn’t the EPA systematically monitored those waters — and all waters near coal-fired power plants — before the Kingston disaster? Well, in the US …

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Written by Leisureguy

6 January 2009 at 11:18 am

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