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Politicizing the government

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From an email sent by the Center for American Progress, citing some examples of the GOP approach to government:

Bush’s former press secretary Scott McClellan recently admonished his former boss, saying that the White House took a “permanent campaign approach” to governing.  In 2003,  Bush’s political guru Karl Rove or his top aide, Ken Mehlman, “visited nearly every agency to outline White House campaign priorities, review polling data and, on occasion, call attention to tight House, Senate and gubernatorial races that could be affected by regulatory action.” Rove also led an unprecedented campaign to politicize the federal government to serve the interests of the Republican Party. Earlier this year, a Department of Justice report found that agency officials “violated both federal law and Department policy” by hiring, firing and promoting of some Department applicants and officials for political reasons. Another DOJ report released in September found that the firing process of nine U.S. attorneys was “fundamentally flawed” and in some cases governed by politics. For example, Bush appointee and former DOJ official Monica Goodling refused to hire an experienced counterterror official because his wife was a Democrat, and she rejected a DOJ attorney’s promotion because of an “inappropriate” gay relationship. But Justice was not the only department tainted by politics under Bush. A DOJ inspector general released a report just this week finding that Bradley Schlozman, a former Justice official “entrusted with enforcing civil rights laws,” had refused to hire lawyers whom he labeled as “commies” and transferred another attorney for allegedly writing in “ebonics” and benefiting from “an affirmative action thing.” The White House also routinely favored politics over science regarding climate change by muzzling NASA’s chief global warming scientist James Hansen’s climate change findings, censoring scientific evidence on global warming in an EPA report, and editing all government scientists’ testimony to fit its political aims. The Office of Faith Based Initiatives, the General Services Administration, the Interior Department, the Defense Department, Health and Human Services and the Office of National Drug Control Policy were also not spared of politics during the Bush years.

Written by Leisureguy

15 January 2009 at 9:16 am

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