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Excellent tool for installing Java

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As the article notes, when you install a Java update, the older version(s) remain—a very weird and problematic decision by the Java engineers. So you must manually uninstall the older versions—unless you use this very nice tool.

Most of us have the Java Run time Environment on our Windows computers. Not because we like Java or Sun Micro systems but JRE allows us to play some on-line games and run specific small applications also referred to as applets. I won’t go into the nitty gritty because you probably don’t care but if you want to learn more about JRE and the Java Machine it launches check out this Wikipedia article.

My company has JRE on all its machines because it is how our employees clock in and out of our Etime system. Because of this we are constantly updating the JRE on client machines. One thing that baffles me about JRE is that it does not remove older versions when upgrading. Right now Sun has a version out called JRE 6 update 12. On some of my machines we have 3 older versions of Java and other 5 or 6. This is just crazy!

I thought that was standard practice in the software world. Especially since they release upgrades when they are fixing vulnerabilities. So having older versions of JRE on your machine could be a back door in for some elicit hacker. Now I am not one to get you all worked up and paranoid without a solution (an easy one at that!)

RAProducts has a small program called JavaRa 1.3 that will fix you right up. It will help you grab the latest and greatest JRE version and remove all the other crap from your machine. Let’s download the tiny 67.9KB stand alone program.

You do not need to install it – it just runs. Double click on it, choose your language and you will see this: …

Continue reading. I just ran it—installed latest version, removed three older versions, and removed useless files. Works like a charm. I donated.

Written by Leisureguy

7 February 2009 at 9:15 am

Posted in Daily life, Software

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