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10 daily habits writers should cultivate

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From B. J. Keltz’s Enriched by Words:

1.  Read; not just your genre, but a wide sampling of styles, subjects, and voices.  Read for pleasure.  Read to learn.

2. Move your body. Walking and exercise are great ways to work loose the log jams of the mind.  In addition, since writers tend to be sedentary, it helps keep your body fit.

3. Breathe. Practice breathing every day, not in a new age way, but to become aware.  Breathe deeply to nourish your body and to connect with the present.  Let your thoughts wander.  Sometimes you get the “click” just through breathing.

4.  Cross Pollinate. Take in art in all its forms:  dance, painting, music, you name it.  Enrich your writing compost pile with a variety of art experiences for your mind and senses.

5.  Get enough sleep. Seriously, it will help your mind stay alert and ready to write.

6.  Pay attention. See the world around you in terms of the five senses and with a writer’s eye.

7. Laugh. See the humor and joy in everyday life.  This makes you a more positive person, is fun, and releases tensions.

8.  Stretch. Long periods of time spent writing or thinking can be hard on your body.  Stand up, stretch, work the kinks out.  It is not a coincidence that moving the body can also frequently move your mind, bringing you the perfect phrase or fresh idea.

9.  Cultivate support from your loved ones and mentors.

10.  Write daily. Set a time or page goal.  Work from a prompt or free write.  Write every day without fail.

She omits:

a. Learn Esperanto

b. Learn to cook

c. Pay attention to your diet: “Eat food, mostly plants. Not a lot.” (Michael Pollan’s slogan)

d. Don’t learn Go (otherwise you’ll be spending lots of time that way)

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16 February 2009 at 11:31 am

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