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Interview with Vicki Robin

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Vicki Robin is the co-author (with Joe Dominguez) of the book Your Money or Your Life, which describes a process of changing your relationship with money. (At the link, you can pick up a copy for $1.) The Simple Dollar has an interview with her that’s worth reading. It begins:

If someone were to walk away from “Your Money or Your Life” with just one idea in their head, what would you like that idea to be?

If people walk away with one idea I would pick “money is life energy”. We live in a financial, economic and money system that to most of us is incomprehensible, out of our control and unfair – yet vital to our survival. Seeing money this way, we are stuck in the scramble to get some of that thing out there into our wallets so we can get what we want and need. In reaction to that, we develop ideas about what money means – prestige, power, bad, good, a tool of the devil, evidence of God’s blessings, helpful, harmful. our daily transactions with the pieces of paper and metal and plastic in our wallets are distorted by these unconscious – so doubly powerful – emotionally-charged ideas. Plus we live inside a collective delusion that more is always better (more stuff, money, prestige, power, love, etc.) – which drives us to stress, clutter and debt, never having questioned that assumption or discovered how much is enough for us. When you understand money as YOUR life energy, the hours of your life you invest to put dollars in your wallet, you translate it into something knowable… and limited: the hours of your life. This transforms spending because you see everything from a cup of coffee to a new car in terms of “does this merit the hours of my life invested to get it” rather than “I want it, I deserve it, everyone else has one, expense be damned I’ll put it on my credit card.”

What is the biggest change in the overall message of the book since it was first printed?

Continue reading. You can find more info at, which is the foundation that she and Joe Dominguez and others created. As she says:

Joe, I and others created New Road Map Foundation in 1984 as basket to take in money from our teaching and — without retaining any money for ourselves — give it away to organizations concerned with a sustainable future. The design was to give people practical tools and perspectives to transform and liberate themselves in three areas: money, relationships, and health — and to financially support others supporting the sustainability shift.

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1 March 2009 at 7:34 am

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