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Two excellent columns

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By Glenn Greenwald, and I urge you to read both:

Obama recognizes: whether to prosecute is not his decision

The conclusion of that column:

There may be good arguments, for strategic reasons, to opt for a full-scale independent investigation to enable all facts to be publicly disclosed before embarking on prosecutions (Harper‘s Scott Horton and Elizabeth de la Vega both make strong cases for that approach).  There may even be legitimate reasons why an independent prosecutor, with all the evidence assembled, might ultimately decide, as a matter of standard prosecutorial discretion, that prosecutions should not be pursued (that’s what Patrick Fitzgerald did when he refrained from indicting Karl Rove in the Libby matter).  But the fact that Obama himself opposes prosecutions, or that accountability for these crimes would create political difficulties or “distractions” for the White House, are completely inappropriate reasons for refraining from enforcing the rule of law.  Decisions about prosecutions are meant to be apolitical.  Those decisions are about vindicating equality under the law, not about forging bipartisanship by placating the political party of the criminals and ensuring that our political elites continue, in the name of “harmony,” to retain their license to break our laws with impunity.

The Pulitzer-winning investigation that dare not be uttered on TV

From the second column, this cute note:

For some added irony:  on his NBS News broadcast last night suppressing any mention of David Barstow’s Pulitzer Prize, Brian Williams’ lead story concerned Obama’s trip to the CIA yesterday.  Featured in that story was commentary from Col. Jack Jacobs, identified on-screen this way:  “Retired, NBC News Military Analyst.”  Jacobs was one of the retired officers who was an active member of the Pentagon’s “military analyst” program, and indeed, he actively helped plan the Pentagon’s media strategy at the very same time he was posing as an “independent analyst” on NBC (h/t reader gc; via NEXIS).  So not only did Williams last night conceal from his viewers any mention of the Pentagon program, he featured — on the very same broadcast — “independent” commentary from one of the central figures involved in that propaganda program.

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21 April 2009 at 1:29 pm

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