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Hope for the public option

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From the Center for American Progress:

Yesterday, former Democratic Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle and Center for American Progress (CAP) President and CEO John Podesta promoted a budget-neutral plan to finance health care reform, advocated for a strong public option as the best way to control health care costs, and urged Democrats to "not hesitate" in using budget reconciliation to push through legislation if Republicans opt to obstruct real reform. Both noted that any discussion of whether the Senate Democrats should use reconciliation or not is premature, but Daschle called reconciliation a "viable fallback option," and Podesta said "there is a point at which you have to move on" with reform. Obstructing reform would make Republicans "less and less relevant," Daschle warned, as Democrats move forward with reconciliation, which "would probably have a pure public option just because most likely it will only involve Democrats deciding what that reconciliation package will be." Responding to President Obama’s call that reform should not add to the deficit, Daschle and Podesta endorsed a Center for American Progress report that says "taxing some employer-provided health benefits" should be considered to pay for reform. The report, by CAP fellow Judy Feder and Harvard Economist David Cutler, offers a series of "failsafe" proposals to pay for reform, such as "a ‘pay or play’ requirement for larger employers to either provide health benefits or pay toward employees’ coverage through private plans or from the government" and higher taxes on "tobacco products, alcoholic beverages and sugar-sweetened drinks." Both Podesta and Daschle were optimistic that health care reform will pass this year, with Podesta declaring that a "better than 50-50 chance is maybe even a little bit understated."

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30 June 2009 at 9:47 am

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