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Google Chrome extensions

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I’m now using Google Chrome, since I learned that lots of extensions are available. I also learned that Chrome will install extensions only if you’re using the Developer version (which, so far as I can tell, is identical to the regular version except that you can install extensions). I was running Chrome when I installed the Developer version and a new instance of Chrome came up after installation. I closed that, then closed the version I already had open, opened Chrome anew and was able to start installing the extensions. Here’s the key passage:

Having troubles getting the extension to install? Our pal Joe Siegrist offers the following four-step plan:

  1. Chrome’s extension support is only available in their dev builds, so you must first install the dev channel of Chrome.
  2. Then, to install LastPass, point Chrome to:
  3. If Chrome refuses to allow you to install it (it tries to save in a loop) go to Wrench -> Options and disable choosing where to download files (this will be fixed in next dev build).
  4. Finally, it is recommended that you disable the built-in password manager by clicking on the Options (under the customize and control ‘wrench’ button). Then choose the ‘Personal Stuff’ tab and select ‘Never save passwords’ and ‘Never save text from forms’

And, indeed, LastPass (a Roboform workalike—automatically fills passwords and forms with the information you provide) is the first extension I installed—since one of the things I miss most about Firefox was using Roboform.

For more extensions, see this post.

Written by LeisureGuy

2 November 2009 at 12:27 pm

Posted in Daily life, Software

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