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Good idea for obstructionism

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The Party of No is becoming quite open about their desire to obstruct any legislation. From Climate Progress, for example:

Inhofe said the Committee on Environment and Public Works passed the John Kerry—Barbara Boxer global warming bill without any Republican votes.

“We set up the rules of the Environment and Public Works Committee way back in 1970—a long time ago. The rules say that you can’t report a bill out of the committee to go to the floor of the Senate unless there are two members of the minority there,” Inhofe said. “What we did was I told all of the Republicans not to go so they couldn’t have an official mark-up.

It’s good that he finally admitted the truth that the GOP claim this was all about waiting for more EPA analysis was as bogus as everyone thought.  He just wanted to kill the bill.  But since that bill isn’t going to the floor, his whole effort was wasted.

The entire article makes clear that Inhofe channels Groucho “Whatever it is, I’m against it”Marx.  It opens:

Although the healthcare bill made it through the House of Representatives on Saturday, United States Senator Jim Inhofe said it would face a harder road in the Senate.

“We will kill it in the Senate,” Inhofe said. “I think the main thing I want to get across is it doesn’t really matter because it (the healthcare bill) is not going anywhere.”

Paul Krugman this morning points out that in the old days they knew how to handle people like Inhofe:

For travel reading, I’m currently working my way through Tom Holland’s Rubicon: The Fall of the Roman Republic. And it turns out that back when men were men and women were property, they had ways of dealing with obstructionist tactics from the legislative opposition:

Cato and Bibulus threw themselves into a desperate rearguard action to halt the passage of the land bill. On the day of the public vote Bibulus appeared in the Forum to announce that he had observed unfavorable omens in the sky, and that the vote would therefore have to be suspended. The response of the pontifex maximus was to have a bucket of dung emptied over Bibulus’s head.


I think that would be appropriate for Inhofe: to treat the outside of his head to the same matter that seems to reside within.

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10 November 2009 at 10:45 am

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