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Sexual health via the UK’s National Health Service

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I don’t believe that the US is quite mature enough—or well-educated enough—to embrace something like this, reported by Abel Pharmboy:

No matter how early I wake up, it’s always five hours later in the UK and I’m overwhelmed by the thought that I’m already behind (I won’t even get into the feeling I have when I think of our Australian readers).

So when I start the day reading my Twitter stream, it’s usually populated by midday news from England. I follow the NHS – National Health Service – "one of the largest publicly funded health services in the world," and their superb health information site, NHS Choices.

This morning I saw this tweet about the launch of their new sexual health site:

@NHSChoices Our new sexual health hub includes advice on contraception, good sex guides, sex & young people, STIs and much more

Beyond the simple fact that the NHS exists because the UK has held since 1948 that every person deserves a basic level of state-supported health care, could you imagine what it would take for such a site to be sponsored by a US health agency? Supported with tax dollars? Can you imagine the wrangling of politicians, the religious right, and all manner of people ranting about government-sanctioned sex – and information for the young people???

So at the risk of being deemed a socialist, let me applaud the NHS for what is a truly terrific and straight-talking resource. What I’ve seen of the rest of the site is pretty fantastic as well.

You don’t have to be British to get a lot of great take-home information for yourself and for your kids.

Written by LeisureGuy

19 November 2009 at 11:45 am

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