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Oh, yum!! Giant snails for dinner!

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I can’t wait to chow down on this:


Escargot, eat your tiny heart out. These snails would make a meal. Brian Merchant at Treehugger:

Malnutrition and iron deficiency are rampant problems in developing nations across Africa. They can lead to serious health issues and mortality, especially in young people. But a nutritionist in Nigeria has uncovered a remedy that could drastically improve extremely poor diets and help feed Africa’s youth–a recipe for giant snail pies. More nutritious than beef, and far more abundant, giant snails could be the key ingredient to a healthier Africa. Oh yeah, and evidently they taste great.

Ukpong Udofia of the University of Uyo recently completed her research on the nutritional content of the African Giant Snail, a resilient animal that has become a notorious invasive species around the world. The snail is incredibly common in swamps and forests of Africa, and is a popular novelty pet in the US. [Training them to fetch must be a hoot. – LG]

But it’s also rich in protein, iron, calcium, zinc, and many essential vitamins. According to Science Daily, Udofia’s study compared the snail meat to a beef steak, and found the snail to be superior in every way. It’s cheaper, more nutritious, and easier to obtain. Which means it could help address malnutrition in many more communities than beef, the typically pursued iron and protein source, ever could. It’s evidently best eaten in a sort of simple-to-make pie…

Continue reading. I bet you any money that it’s treyf.

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20 November 2009 at 11:32 am

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