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Fact-checking the lies from GOP Senators

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And there were a lot of them:

Another debate over health insurance reform, another weekend of Republicans inventing reasons to just say "no." Locked into their defense of the status quo, most Senate Republicans spent the debate over the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act spouting nonsensical, often already debunked, claims.

With so many distortions to correct from so many Republican Senators, we’ve gathered the facts (and the charges they refute) in one place. It’s a long read, no question — and that goes to show how obstructionist Republicans have become.

Read the fact checks (39 of them in all) on Senate Republicans below:

FACT CHECK McCain: Check The Bill, Senator

FACT CHECK MCCONNELL: Cost Of Legislation Distortions

FACT CHECK GRASSLEY: Grassley Confuses Up With Down

FACT CHECK KYL: Scare Tactics On Increasing Premiums

FACT CHECK HATCH: Health Care Will Not Be Rationed


FACT CHECK HATCH: Distorting the Debate

FACT CHECK CORNYN: State Budgets and Medicaid

FACT CHECK BURR: Small Businesses

FACT CHECK CORKER: Misleading on Medicare

FACT CHECK AEI: Cost of Reform

FACT CHECK: Palin Damages Credibility Again


Fact Check Thune: Small Business

Fact Check Bond: Debunked Health Insurance Industry Study

Fact Check Bond: Bond’s Arguments Against Health Care Amount To A Pig In A Poke

Fact Check Gregg: Gregg’s Hypocrisy On The Debt

Fact Check Enzi: Premiums, Medicare And Medicaid

Fact Check Coburn: Rationing

Fact Check: Senator Pat Roberts Uses Falsehoods And Fear-Mongering to Claim Health Insurance Reform Will Lead To Rationing

Fact Check: Sen. Gregg Lies About Price Of Health Insurance Reform…Again

Fact Check Sen. Ensign: Rationing And GOP Plan

Fact Check Barrasso: Repeats Already Debunked Lie About Medicare

Fact Check: Sen. Jon Kyl Defends Status Quo Of Rising Premiums

Fact Check Kyl: Kyl Praises Republican Plan That Worsens Healthcare Crisis

Fact Check Lemieux: Siding With Insurance Companies

Fact Check Kyl: Medicare

Fact Check Burr: Burr Repeats Multiple Debunked Lies On Insurance Reform

Fact Check Hutchison: "Government Takeover"

Fact Check Chambliss/Brownback: Revisionist History

Fact Check Barrasso: Medicare

Fact Check Gregg: Gregg Ignores CBO

That Was Fast…

Fact Check Enzi: Cost Of Reform

Gregg Complains About Debt He Helped Create

Hatch Hatches More Distortions on Health Care

Boehner’s Abortion Distortion

Well Senator, That’s Just Not True

Hatch Tries Health Care Hatchet Job And Hatchets Own Reputation

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23 November 2009 at 2:37 pm

Posted in Congress, GOP, Healthcare

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