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Global warming sea-level rise starting to hurt

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Chris Kraul at the LA Times:

Reporting from Cartagena, Colombia – The effect of climate change is anything but hypothetical to retired Colombian naval officer German Alfonso. Just ask him about the time his neighborhood in this historic coastal city became an island.

For five years, Alfonso, 74, has watched tides rise higher and higher in the Boca Grande section of Cartagena. This month, tides briefly inundated the only mainland connection to his neighborhood, a converted sandbar where about 60 high-rise condo and hotel towers have been built in the last decade or so.

"Before, people thought it a normal phenomenon. But we’re becoming more conscious that something is going on," Alfonso said. "If the sea keeps rising, traffic could just collapse."

According to a recently updated World Bank study on climate change in Latin America, Alfonso and his neighbors have reason to be concerned. Not only are the effects of global warming more evident in Latin American coastal cities, the report says, but the phenomenon could worsen in coming decades because sea levels will rise highest near the equator.

Colombian naval Capt. Julian Reyna, a member of a government task force monitoring climate change, said the sea level around Cartagena, renowned for its Spanish colonial fortifications and beaches, has risen as much as one-eighth of an inch each year over the last decade, an increase that scientists expect to accelerate in coming years.

According to some scenarios that the authors of the World Bank study say are not that far-fetched, Cartagena and the rest of the Caribbean coastal zone could see sea levels rising as much as 2 feet, possible more, by the end of the century. Even at the lower end of projections, parts of this city would be knee-deep in sea water…

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23 November 2009 at 2:53 pm

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  1. I was just wondering if the global warming had any affect on el volcan Del totumo because I went there about 3 years ago and the volcano was filled to the top but recently I just went there again and about 10% of the mad was gone! Does global warming have to do with any of this? But I also no that most of the mud is taken away when the people come out of the volcano. I know that this is supposed to be comment on your article but I would really like to know this information so if you please fill me in on the information. Thanks!

    Nathalie Canate

    16 February 2010 at 8:37 pm

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