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Yet another bombastic, belligerent Right-wing coward

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John Bolton is a complete coward—it’s pitiful to watch, and at the same time the contrast between his war-loving rhetoric and his abject personal cowardice is morbidly fascinating. Was he always so fearful? Glenn Greenwald:

John Bolton is the prototypical right-wing pseudo-tough-guy:  cheering on every war he can find without ever getting near any of them.  And as usual for this strain of play-acting, chest-beating warrior, all of the belligerence and craving of vicarious power masks a deep and pitiful cowardice.  That is often the principal purpose of warmongering from a distance.  Yesterday, Bolton — on "Washington Times Radio" — revealed that he is so petrified of Terrorists that he would not feel safe in New York City during the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and would not even allow his family there (audio here):

Host Melanie Morgan: Given the nature and danger of bringing these terrorists to American soil, where do you think is the most safe place to be when they get here and this trial begins? Where would you put your family?

John Bolton: Well, not New York City, I’m afraid to say. This is part of the callousness and the really, lack of professionalism and judgment to put them on trial anywhere in the United States in civilian courts.

The cowardice on display here is difficult to overstate — and to behold without being ill.  I lived in Manhattan on 9/11 and for many years thereafter.  For weeks — even months and years after that attack — it was widely assumed that New York would be a likely target for another attack, but I never heard a single New Yorker — not one — talk about fleeing the city or hiding their family in some faraway place.  [Well, Hugh Hewitt did talk about how he was on the "front lines" by broadcasting from New York City at the height of the Iraq War. – LG] During the 2004 election, New Yorkers voted for the candidate who wanted to treat Terrorism like a law enforcement problem over the pseudo-tough-guy "war president" by a margin of 80-20.  The fears engulfing Bolton and which he’s attempting to infect the country with are found almost exclusively among this species of war-mongers obsessed with flamboyant — and very public — rituals where they proclaim their own "strength" and "courage."

John Bolton and his comrades love to run around accusing anyone who doesn’t want to wage more wars of being an "appeaser" and "surrendering" to Terrorists, but Bolton’s cry here is the ultimate, definitive surrender:  I’m too scared of the Terrorists to go about my normal life.  I’m too petrified even to have my family in the same city as a terrorist trial.  We can’t adhere to our normal political system because the Terrorists will kill us all.  Given Bolton’s comments, this might be the most ironic and desperate book title in the history of publishing: …

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Written by LeisureGuy

25 November 2009 at 12:42 pm

Posted in Daily life, GOP, Terrorism

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