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An example of why I ignore Mickey Kaus

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I haven’t read Mickey Kaus in years and haven’t thought about him in months, and John Cole reminds me why:

Out of nowhere in an interview with the NY Times (unless the interview was edited), Mickey Kaus has a random spasm and attacks Ezra Klein’s integrity:

What does your mom think of your Senate bid?

She said, “I don’t want you moving all the way to Washington.” I told her, “Peg, I don’t think that will be a problem.” I call her by her first name. It’s a family affectation.

Your dad was a justice on the California Supreme Court.

He was a Democrat. Otto was probably more liberal than I am.

So are most Democratic bloggers.

Ezra Klein gets under my skin. He seems to spout the party line. I think he knows that it’s wrong but feels it’s his duty to fight the good cause.

Why do you discount the possibility he believes in what he’s saying?

That’s the other alternative — that he really believes it — but then he’s sort of gullible. You have to read his blog knowing that he’s a cheerleader, whereas a guy like Matt Yglesias is less of a cheerleader.

It has an almost Tourette’s like quality, doesn’t it? Out of nowhere, “EZRA KLEIN SUCKS!”

And the real funny part about it is that the interviewer doesn’t know why he hates Ezra, but we all do. Kaus hates Ezra because Mickey was not invited to join the Journolist email listserv, where center-left and left-leaning policy wonks and journalists and others could discuss politics and policy.

Basically, they thought Mickey could not be trusted and would blab private conversations publicly. And, to prove them wrong, the moment Mickey Kaus got hold of some of the private email conversations on Journolist, HE BLABBED THEM PUBLICLY and published them.


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12 March 2010 at 1:47 pm

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