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Figured out my diet

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The way this plan works is that I can eat regular food (with certain obvious specific exceptions—no peanut butter at this point, for example), but with requirements and limits in various categories (protein, starch, fruits, and oils). Obviously, many different limits and combinations of limits are possible, which is why I went through that first week of an “adjustment” diet (quite specific) and then the body-composition analysis. The diet I then was given was based on my lean muscle mass and assumed a normal level of activity. Aha. Since, despite my workouts, I remain quite sedentary (the walking will get underway 20 lbs from now), the limits they recommended were too high for me: thus the bouncing up and down.

But now I am trimming the diet somewhat (smaller starch portions, and one fewer; dropped one snack; etc.), I am back to losing weight. So I just keep the diet trimmed. (They re-do the body-composition analysis at various points along the way and doubtless adjust the diet limits accordingly—as my limit (even if self-imposed) will have to be adjusted once I begin walking.)

It only took me a month to figure that out. Current goal: Lose 20 lbs more by October. (I leave then on a trip east to visit my offspring.)

Written by Leisureguy

12 July 2010 at 1:49 pm

Posted in Daily life, Fitness

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