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Bad signs

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From a Greenwald column:

… The Obama administration is now advocating changes to the law that would empower federal law enforcement agents to compel companies to turn over citizens’ Internet records without a warrantor any other form of judicial oversight.  I wrote previously about the Obama DOJ’s extremely dubious (and dangerous) arguments in court that the law already allows them to access such Internet and email records with no warrant, but now they are attempting to have Congress re-write the law to vest them with that power.  Kevin Drum, Marcy Wheeler, and Adam Serwer have more on what this very significant expansion of oversight-free Surveillance State powers would mean.

So there’s your Week in Change:  tens of billions more appropriated for war through supplemental spending tricks and without conditions or timetables, attacks on war opponents for being Troop-Haters, threats to criminally prosecute journalistic outlets (such as WikiLeaks) which publish classified information on the grounds of being Traitors, and a major expansion of the Government’s ability to spy on your private communications without even obtaining warrants.  And it’s only Thursday morning, so think how much more Change can happen in the next two days.

UPDATEA new ACLU Report examines the first 18 months of Obama’s civil liberties record and documents how his embrace of the prior administration’s policies has transformed Bush/Cheney radicalism into the "new normal."

Written by Leisureguy

29 July 2010 at 11:18 am

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