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On Watch Instantly, a comic I enjoyed

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Jake Johannsen. Watch a little and see what you think.

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16 August 2010 at 4:22 pm

Cool toothbrush

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Where can you buy it?

UPDATE: I received this via email:

The J3X is a prototype that is currently unavailable in the United States.

But the Soladey-eco is available, it has the same head as the prototype and uses the same technology to create the biofilm that cleans your teeth.  The only difference is the addition of a solar cell to the end of the J3x.  The only real benefit of the solar cell is to amplify the light used to create the biofilm.  However under normal lighting conditions the Soladey-eco works just fine.  The J3X is scheduled for availability next year in the United States and will be available through dentists.  At this point in time I have no problem recommending that you purchase the Soladey-eco to start noticing the great benefits!

The Soladey-eco can be purchased here.

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16 August 2010 at 2:36 pm

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Wonder how they’d react if it moved

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16 August 2010 at 2:33 pm

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Greenland ice sheet faces ‘tipping point in 10 years’

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And ten years simply flies by, let me tell you: The Wife and I celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary tomorrow. Suzanne Goldenberg reports in the Guardian:

The entire ice mass of Greenland will disappear from the world map if temperatures rise by as little as 2C, with severe consequences for the rest of the world, a panel of scientists told Congress today.

Greenland shed its largest chunk of ice in nearly half a century last week, and faces an even grimmer future, according to Richard Alley, a geosciences professor at Pennsylvania State University

"Sometime in the next decade we may pass that tipping point which would put us warmer than temperatures that Greenland can survive," Alley told a briefing in Congress, adding that a rise in the range of 2C to 7C would mean the obliteration of Greenland’s ice sheet.

The fall-out would be felt thousands of miles away from the Arctic, unleashing a global sea level rise of 23ft (7 metres), Alley warned. Low-lying cities such as New Orleans would vanish.

"What is going on in the Arctic now is the biggest and fastest thing that nature has ever done," he said.

Speaking by phone, Alley was addressing a briefing held by the House of Representatives committee on energy independence and global warming.

Greenland is losing ice mass at an increasing rate, dumping more icebergs into the ocean because of warming temperatures, he said.

The stark warning was underlined by the momentous break-up of one of Greenland’s largest glaciers last week, which set a 100 sq mile chunk of ice drifting into the North Strait between Greenland and Canada.

The briefing also noted that the last six months had set new temperature records.

Robert Bindschadler, a research scientist at the University of Maryland, told the briefing: "While we don’t believe it is possible to lose an ice sheet within a decade, we do believe it is possible to reach a tipping point in a few decades in which we would lose the ice sheet in a century."

The ice loss from the Petermann Glacier was the largest such event in nearly 50 years, although there have been regular and smaller "calvings"…

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The GOP continues to firmly deny that global warming is happening. The GOP thinks we should continue on as we have.

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16 August 2010 at 2:12 pm

A profile of, and an interview with, Robert Gates

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Both by Fred Kaplan, both worth reading.



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16 August 2010 at 1:49 pm

Interesting thoughts on legalizing marijuana

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E.D. Kain, the conservative voice of Balloon Juice:

This doesn’t make any sense to me. Mark Kleiman argues that pot should be legal to grow and use and give away but not to sell commercially. His reasons? Because it’s bad for you, like beer is bad for you. And because the Marijuana lobby would be really, really bad. (Note, Kleiman does not propose to ban the sale of alcohol and return us to the days of stills and home breweries.)

Kleiman is wrong on many fronts, but mainly he’s wrong because most people who want to smoke pot don’t want to grow it. They want to buy it. And all these people spending money to grow their own aren’t going to give it away to everyone for free, which leaves us with a demand to fill but not nearly the level of supply needed to fill it. The only thing standing between that demand and the supply shortage would be the government. Which, naturally, leads to black markets, drug dealers, confiscation of property by police departments, drug raids, shooting deaths and so forth. Not too far a cry from where we’re at now.

So we have a choice: create a legal market or a new black market.

One of these two markets will exist no matter what we do, because people are going to smoke pot one way or another. The laws we have now don’t prevent this. Allowing home growing but not commercial sales won’t either. Nothing will. This is one vice that isn’t going anywhere and doesn’t really need “America’s marketing geniuses” in order to peddle.

Kleiman thinks all the companies selling marijuana will be like the Big Tobacco companies, with a fierce lobbying arm and a huge monopoly over the market, preying mercilessly on helpless consumers. But that’s not going to happen if we just legalize marijuana and don’t set up regulations which grant these big companies de facto monopolies to begin with. Small growers, like small brewers, will do just fine. And no, we won’t have a bunch of crazed cannabis users at the mercy of Marijuana Inc. Some people will smoke too much pot, but plenty of people already do and many of them quit before their lives are ruined.

A better idea would be to simply not regulate out home growers from the market which is a legitimate concern. Setting up laws which prevent home growing will crowd out home growers and make big corporations much more powerful. Simply opening up the market to both will create a much more level playing field. I think it will actually be extremely difficult for big corporations to compete with local growers – economies of scale be damned, pot smokers enjoy the quality of their product too much – but at least that competition will exist.

Furthermore, I’m much more afraid of violent drug dealers, over-eager SWAT teams, and the whole awful black market cycle of violence than I am about the lobbying arms of a few big corporations which apparently fill Kleiman with fear. I’ll take lobbyists over drug cartels any day.

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16 August 2010 at 10:57 am

Chasing the dream

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Via Boing Boing:

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16 August 2010 at 10:52 am

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