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Visited Hawthorne Valley Farm

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Had a fun afternoon at the Fall Festival at Hawthorne Valley Farm. They make some superb cheese (their Alpine cheese is like an excellent gruyere). They also sell raw milk: shelf life is 7 days. When the FDA was developing regulations to control raw milk, they got Hawthorne Valley Farm to consult with and help them. (Prohibiting the sale of raw milk is as wise as prohibiting the sale of alcohol or marijuana: people will get it, and the prohibition prevents the government from regulating it. The Son told of a terrible situation in Oregon: raw milk there is illegal, so it’s sold under the counter. Many, many people suddenly got sick, and when they investigated they found that the offending dairy was substandard in many regards—exactly the sort of dairy you’d expect to get involved in illegal dealings. Hawthorne Valley Farm, legal and regulated, makes perfectly safe raw milk.)

They are a Biodynamic operation, using principles developed by Rudolf Steiner. I don’t know much about this, but The Daughter-In-Law just attended a great conference on biodynamic farming: many sessions, very professional. She found it fascinating and learned a lot.

They make their own sauerkraut in a variety of types: plain, curry, and others. I got some jalapeno sauerkraut and also some pickled green beans: “dilly beans.”

Wonderful afternoon. Hundreds of people at the farm, all having a great time.

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9 October 2010 at 2:56 pm

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