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Making changes: How long before the "change" is the new "normal"?

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I’m making changes in my diet and exercise, and I do notice that my diet—the foods I gravitate toward and eat regularly—has changed to a new normal, such that I look forward to my meals and generally have no problem avoiding excess eating and inappropriate foods. There are exceptions: Friday night I wanted a steak, so I bought one and I ate it with great relish. But I had a light lunch and only a salad with the steak. On Saturday, I discovered that Whole Foods was selling prepared pork belly, a dish I’ve dearly wanted to try. So I bought a piece—a piece that turned out to weight 1.4 lbs—and over the weekend consumed it. (Still, on Monday I had gained but 0.5 lb: if you mostly eat right, you can on occasion eat a bit more if you  immediately resume sensible eating—or so I’ve found).

Trent Hamm talks about the change process in an interesting post:

A long time ago, I wrote about the idea of a money free weekend – two days spent doing stuff that’s free or extremely close to it. At that time, the idea of a money-free weekend was a bit of a challenge for my family – we almost always spent money doing something each weekend.

Now, the opposite is true – most weekends are spent doing things that don’t cost anything at all. This past weekend, we carved pumpkins, roasted pumpkin seeds, went to a state park, worked on homemade Christmas presents, planned a birthday party, played some board games, fixed a child’s scooter, and went on a bicycle ride. Virtually none of that cost anything at all, but I found myself happily exhausted from all of the activity by Sunday evening.

In short, the thing that seemed like drastic, painful change in the past now seems like the norm.

I’ll give you another example from my life where this transition is ongoing. A few months ago, . . .

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Written by Leisureguy

26 October 2010 at 10:03 am

Posted in Daily life

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