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A note on Glorious One-Pot Meals

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I just recommended the GOPM approach to someone, and the response I got was positive: the person said that they did indeed like slow-cooker meals, especially in the winter.

Slow-cooker meals are great, but totally different from GOPM cooking. A slow-cooker cooks for hours at a temperature of 200º F (“low” setting) or 300º F (“high” setting). GOPM cooking uses a 2-quart cast-iron Dutch oven and cooks for only 45 minutes at 450º F. Cooking foods for a short time at a high temperature produces very different results from cooking a long, long time at low temperatures. For example, you would not cook a steak in a crockpot.

The GOPM cooking method uses the steam generated by the high temperature to cook the foods enclosed in the pot. (You use very little liquid in this method.) The slow cooker uses hot liquid in which the food is simmered for hours and hours. You can see how that would change the result. [UPDATE: TYD reminded me that slow-cooker recipes quite often do NOT use a lot of liquid: they can cook more like a slow oven. For example, tough cuts such as oxtail and beef, veal, or lamb shank do quite well in a slow cooker, but would be inedible in a GOPM meal, which cooks at a high temperature for a relatively short cooking time.]

So veggies cooked by GOPM come out (to my taste) very nice indeed. The green beans or the broccoli that I use in the top layer are cooked perfectly, and not overdone to softness.

I highly recommend trying a meal using GOPM. You’ll be able to tell the difference. The only way the two could be confused is through the “one-pot” idea, but most of my slow-cooker meals do demand a separate pot for the rice or noodles or whatever—in the GOPM method, those are cooked in with everything else. It truly is a one-pot meal.

Hope this clears that up.

Written by LeisureGuy

7 February 2011 at 2:05 pm

Posted in Daily life, Food, GOPM, Recipes

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