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Thursday report

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I believe that I can stop running scared in the Spanish class. OTOH, there’s an awful lot of Spanish to learn, and I feel that I had better hop to it. The main thing now is to build vocabulary, so I’m learning every word I come across, and gradually working my way through the list of 250 most useful words in Teach Yourself to Learn a Language.

Still, I was much more relaxed today than last class day. For one thing, I woke up at a good time (6:00 a.m.) instead of a bad time (4:00 a.m.). For another, I found parking and took care to remember the exact path back to the car. And, in general, I was more relaxed. I realized that the real work in the course will be done outside of class.

I’m very eager to get on to the verbs, and la profesora showed us the coolest thing—and I have to admit that paper dictionaries are dead. Take a look at this Spanish definition of the English word “master.” The first meaning given is the noun, and the second is the verb. Note the little superscript “conj.==>“next to the verb “llegar” in the definition. Click it and ¡he aquí! you see the verb conjugated completely.

AND I just discovered that the site has a Spanish-language dictionary (i.e., not Spanish-English). That’s wonderful because in Polyglot: How I Learn Languages Kató Lomb suggests moving to a dictionary in the target language as soon as possible, so when you learn new vocabulary it is learned in Spanish rather than as a translation of an English word (for much the same reason that the photo-based flashcards are so desirable).

I did make the Greek-themed GOPM: it’s done and out of the oven and I am being overcome by the alluring aroma.

Written by LeisureGuy

10 February 2011 at 6:04 pm

Posted in Daily life, Education

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