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“Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain” – Friedrich Schiller

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From Giacomo Casanova’s History of My Life, Vol 2, Chapter IV:

Stupidity is far more dangerous in a housemaid than malice, and more costly to her master, for he may be justified in punishing one who is malicious but not one who is a fool; he can only discharge her, and learn another lesson in the conduct of life. Mine has just used three notebooks, containing a detailed account of what I am about to set down in outline in this one, because she needed paper for her housekeeping. To excuse herself, she tells me that since the sheets were old and scrawled all over and even blotted in places, she though them more fit for her to use than the clean white sheets on my table. If I had thought about it I would not have flown into a rage; but the first effect of rage is precisely to render the mind incapable of thought. I can say to my credit that my anger is always short-lived; irasci celerem tamen ut placabilis essem (“I become angry quickly, even as I am quickly appeased”). After wasting my time treating to epithets whose application  escaped her entirely and proving to her by the most lucid reasoning that she was a fool, she refuted all my arguments by never answering a word. I resigned myself to writing all over again, angrily and consequently badly, what had I been in a good humor I should have written well; but my reader can console himself with the thought that, as in mechanics, he will gain in time what he loses in energy.

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21 February 2011 at 10:29 am

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