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Great Pilates session

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Man, that went fast. My instructor was making “wrap-up” remarks, and I thought we still had at least half an hour to go. Time flies when you’re focused.

Now I’m off to Whole Foods: I just called the meat department and they not only have Monterey Bay sardines, they also have 3 Spanish mackerel from the East Coast. Mackerel is a fish I dearly want to try with this new method; I imagine it will work like the sardines, making an incredibly rich rice, with all those lovely veggies on top. And I do like the way red chard works.

UPDATE: Back, with .95 lbs Monterey Bay sardines (it took three) and a .95-lb Spanish mackerel, all with heads and tails, and the sardines I have to gut as well. So they’ll be much closer to half a pound once the guts, heads, tails, and spines are gone. Also more red chard and some bok choy. Yum

I figured out why I’ve gained back a couple of pounds. Obviously, it’s too early to move feta back into the diet, so that will go. The real problem, though, is Tues and Thurs: class is from 11:30 to 2:00 (nominally: by omitting some breaks we get out at 1:30), so I’ve been trying to eat lunch before class, but then in the evening I’m too hungry. So here’s the new plan for those days:

regular breakfast, then assemble a GOPM and put it into the fridge

snack just before class: an apple

after class, come home immediately and put the GOPM in the oven

I figure this means that I’ll eat lunch around 2:45, which is late, but I’ll have a clementine as soon as I get home—the one I would otherwise have as afternoon snack. If I’m eating lunch that late, no other snack needed. The GOPM will serve for both lunch and dinner.

Written by LeisureGuy

23 February 2011 at 3:22 pm

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