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Busy morning

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I had to ready the apartment for the cleaning ladies. The lead cleaning lady grew up in Mexico, and she told me earlier that my signing up at MPC to take Spanish inspired her to enroll in a course in learning English as a foreign language. When she arrived, she asked me to listen to her pronunciation, and she very carefully pronounced “thirty.” The aspirated “th” clearly is difficult. Then I asked her to listen to the strange noises I make when I try to roll the r’s in, say, “pizarra” (blackboard). It must have made a great sight, her struggling with “thirty” and me with “pizarra.” But we both managed it.

She said that she learns something new in every class. She’s as excited about her class (taught all in English!, she told me) as I am about mine. She also said that her daughter (who’s in the 7th grade, I believe) told her that from now on she (the daughter) will speak only English to her. 🙂

Then to the PO, to Healthy Way, to Whole Foods, to Safeway, and home. On goes the oven, in goes my GOPM using Spanish mackerel (I hope that eating this will improve my ability to roll my r’s).

Written by LeisureGuy

25 February 2011 at 2:52 pm

Posted in Daily life

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