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I have tried several cast-iron dutch ovens for Glorious One-Pot Meals type of cooking. I thought I would summarize my experience here:

I prefer the shape of the Texsport 2-qt Dutch oven (tall cylinder; $24.47) to that of the Cajun Classic (squat cylinder; $33.60). The Cajun Classic is enameled, but for quite a few things that will make no difference. [UPDATE: The Texsport turns out to be, in actual measure, 2.5 quarts—i.e., 2 quarts plus 2 more cups. The extra room just is filled with vegetables, so no problem—I do measure starch and protein carefully. – LG]

Of course, there’s also Le Creuset, at $140. Too much, especially since it comes with a handle unsuited to high temperature cooking. You can buy an all-metal handle for $10 to replace the original, but The Son points out that a drawer knob makes a fine handle for much less.

If you want a seriously good enameled cast-iron pot well suited to this type of cooking, I would recommend Staub: Somewhat expensive, the Staub 2.25-quart round cocotte is be an excellent size and comes in some great colors. In quality of design and manufacture it is (IMO) head and shoulders above Le Creuset. [Original link was to Amazon, which was selling it for $100, but those are no longer available; link has been updated to Williams-Sonoma, which still has them but for $190. – LG 7/24/2016]

I did get a Staub 3.5-quart round cocotte as well: it makes 4 meals at a time. But I still use the smaller Staub and the Texsport quite frequently.

Lodge makes a pre-seasoned cast-iron 2-quart “serving pot” that would work as well, but it looks like the squat, wide. $30 for this one.

Written by LeisureGuy

10 March 2011 at 5:01 pm

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