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Does Eric Holder have any influence in the Department of Justice?

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Holder promised that the Federal government would stay away from medical marijuana in states that had legalized it. And yet recently the Feds made 28 raids on medical marijuana dispensaries and the like in just a few weeks. And now, US Attorneys (over whom one would think that Holder has some influence) are warning that the Federal government will arrest state employees working a state-approved medical marijuana program.

Maybe we need a better Attorney General—one on whose statements we can rely. And perhaps he or she could (unlike Holder) address serious government abuses (e.g., illegal wiretapping and domestic surveillance, torture, illegal imprisonment, and the like) rather than spending lots of money on pointless pursuit of medical marijuana patients and suppliers.

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21 April 2011 at 2:57 pm

Gratuitous disrepect: An example of petty mean-spiritedness

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Our Spanish teacher told us that the various Native American languages spoken in Mexico are referred to as “dialects,” even by linguists there who undoubtedly know better. These “dialects” (presumably of Spanish) are, of course, totally different languages that development independently. It is like referring to Japanese as a “dialect” of English.

But to refer to Nahuatl and other indigenous languages as “languages” (“idiomas”) rather than “dialects” (“dialectos”) would be to show some respect for the native people and their culture, and apparently that is to be avoided at all costs. Rather, the rule seems to be to practice denigration and gratuitous disrespect.

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21 April 2011 at 2:49 pm

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Salter & Mühle

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Once again an extremely nice lather from a Cyril R. Salter shaving cream. This almond cream has a pleasant fragrance, and the Omega artificial badger produce a bountiful lather immediately. The Mühle with a Swedish Gillette blade made three smooth passes, and Mr. Taylor’s aftershave made for a fine finish.

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21 April 2011 at 2:42 pm

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