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Less sleep needed

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I just became aware that my sleep requirement has dropped 20%: a year ago I required 10 hours a night, and now I’m fine with 8. I can think of three factors that probably contribute:

a. I have had mild sleep apnea, which disrupts sleep and prevents sufficient deep sleep. Extra fat exacerbates sleep apnea, so losing this much weight undoubtedly reduced or eliminated the apnea. I think this is probably the major factor.

b. Because I now weigh less, it takes a lot less energy to move around, so I’m not so tired—and,

c. What with the 30-minute walks and the Pilates, I’m in significantly better shape than I was, so again: not so tired. And a more efficient body would not require so much down time to rebuild, it seems to me—i.e., a more efficient body even rests more efficiently.

Anyway, it’s nice because I find myself needing more hours than the day holds. I started running through in my head the things I want to do each day, and finally had to make a list: study Spanish (I want to learn well all the second semester vocabulary this summer, so I need to work at that daily), write letters, blog, keep up with a few Go games on, read books (top of queue currently: The Will of Zeus, L.A. Noir, and Incognito, but then things get added, typically references from books or magazines I read (I subscribe to (and regularly read) New Yorker, New Scientist, Atlantic Monthly, The Week, BusinessWeek, and Wired and keep up: get the magazine, read what I want, and toss, with about an 80% success rate—plus, of course, I have my regular daily on-line reading (NY Times, LA Times,, Pogonotomy shaving forum, and a slew of feeds from blogs and on-line columnists))—and, I suddenly remember (see how I’m already getting better at this memory thing?) that I want to read, but even more, to study and learn—memorize, if necessary—the three books I have on memory technique: Higbee, Buzan, and Lorayne), watch movies, take the 30-minute walk, go to Pilates and also start doing some Pilates mat exercises at home, which means having to read the excellent book The Everything Pilates Book (it’s out of print, but inexpensive used copies are available at the link as of the time and date of this post), write the weight-loss book, revise the shaving book, shop for and cook interesting lunches and dinners (breakfast is more or less fixed), putter, relax, and take time to smell the roses. Plus I want to somehow work in getting back to Esperanto—perhaps once the Spanish feels solid in a year or two.

Maybe I’m biting off more than I can chew?

Written by LeisureGuy

7 June 2011 at 10:32 pm

Posted in Daily life, Fitness, Pilates

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