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Shaving note: The Marvy mug

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The Marvy mug is new to me. I picked up one from a fellow forum member on and took it for a trial run yesterday. It’s capacious and deep, ideal for the Creamy Lather process. As an added benefit, it’s unbreakable, being made of hard rubber, an appropriate material when working over the hard surfaces typical of a bathroom, and even more a benefit if you use a brush like the one in yesterday’s shave: the Vie-Long Gonzalo 04102 brush, which has a brass ring around the handle just below the knot. When you are brushing vigorously to work up the lather, that ring tends to hit the mug, and with a porcelain mug like the one I used yesterday, the sound is ominous. By working the brush carefully, I could mostly avoid strikiing the sides, but the Marvy mug removes the need for care. As a result, I could brush more vigorously and freely.

It’s well designed specifically for use as a shaving mug: the grooves in the bottom hold the soap puck securely, and the depth and steep sides makes it easy to work the developing lather into the brush. I like it.

It’s also available in other colors in plastic.

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12 June 2011 at 9:22 am

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