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Good caper movie (where the caper is assassination)

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I guess the genre is probably caper cum political thriller. At any rate, I’m enjoying a mature but still active Jean-Paul Belmondo in The Professional. This is one that keeps me watching.

Huh. I just looked again, and it’s available on Watch Instantly at a different link.

UPDATE: Another good movie, in two words: Donnie Yen. This one is Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen, and it’s available on Watch Instantly as well.

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13 August 2011 at 3:35 pm

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Notice being taken of the insanity of GOP financial policies

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Not that I expect it will do any good: our country has doubled down on ignorance and a kind of belligerent victimhood from the wealthy Christian Right, who feel terribly discriminated against (though I recently read of an openly Christian man who was able to be elected to public office even though he was wealthy, if you can believe that).

Still, this article by Jackie Calmes in the NY Times is well worth reading:

The boasts of Congressional Republicans about their cost-cutting victories are ringing hollow to some well-known economists, financial analysts and corporate leaders, including some Republicans, who are expressing increasing alarm over Washington’s new austerity and antitax orthodoxy.

Their critiques have grown sharper since last week, when President Obama signed his deficit reduction deal with Republicans and, a few days later, when Standard & Poor’s downgraded the credit rating of the United States.

But even before that, macroeconomists and private sector forecasters were warning that the direction in which the new House Republican majority had pushed the White House and Congress this year — for immediate spending cuts, no further stimulus measures and no tax increases, ever — was wrong for addressing the nation’s two main ills, a weak economy now and projections of unsustainably high federal debt in coming years.

Instead, these critics say, Washington should be focusing on stimulating the economy in the near term to induce people to spend money and create jobs, while settling on a long-term plan for spending cuts and tax increases to take effect only after the economy recovers.

But Republicans in Congress and on the presidential campaign trail refuse to back down.

Economists disagree about the proper balance between spending cuts and tax increases in reducing a government’s debts. Some studies by both liberal and conservative economists suggest that emphasizing spending cuts is better for long-term growth. But there are few if any precedents for paying down such a large debt solely through spending cuts.

Among those calling for a mix of cuts and revenue are onetime standard-bearers of Republican economic philosophy like . . .

Continue reading.

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13 August 2011 at 10:01 am

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America from 2500 feet

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Wonderful post by Deborah Fallows (the wife of James Fallows) on the joys of flying low and slow in a small plane. My father was a pilot and indeed made a little gyrocopter and flew it over Healdton. And my mother was taking flying lessons when I came along and ended those.

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13 August 2011 at 9:55 am

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Soapier trial

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I like to try artisanal shaving soaps when I can, and Soapier got a glowing review at Wicked_Edge. So I ordered a couple of pucks (the standard order: $5.45 for the two), and they arrived yesterday. As to the pronunciation (whether it’s pronounced to mean “more soapy” or to mean “soapmonger”), I have no idea, but I’ve sent an email query. UPDATE: It’s pronounced to mean “more soapy.”

The other novelty—though I’ve used them previously, just not for a while—are the Treet Durasharp blades: coated carbon steel. (Treet seems to like the name “Durasharp” and uses that for several different blades. These are the ones packaged as shown.) I got one out after reading this post on Simply Shaving praising the blade. (I’m open to ideas.)

First, the soap. I used one of my stable (ahem) of fine horsehair brushes. Unfortunately, the lather I got was somewhat thinner than I like: somewhat sparse. I’ll try again, but perhaps my local water doesn’t work well with this soap. Certainly the reviewer to whom I linked above was quite enthusiastic.

Still, the lather worked for the shave and the Durasharp blade, in the Merkur 1904 Classic, did a fine job: very smooth and sharp. As usual with carbon steel, I ran the head of the razor under hot water to rinse off all soap, then swished the head in 99% rubbing alcohol (91% is also fine) to ensure that the blade was completely dry. (Alcohol displaces the water and then instantly evaporates.)

BTW, a tip I’m including in the 5th edition: I got my high-proof rubbing alcohol at Safeway, and it came in a plastic bottle, which I imagine is common. Over the course of 2-3 years, the alcohol has practically all evaporated through the porous plastic. My advice: when you get the rubbing alcohol home, transfer it to a glass bottle so you don’t lose it.

Although I use the alcohol rinse simply to dry the blade, guys with acne might want to use it routinely before and after the shave to sterilize the blade.

A splash Pashana set me up for our celebratory dinner tonight at Fifi’s: a terrific menu prepared under the direction of chef Janet Melac, former co-owner (with her husband Jacque) of Melac’s in Pacific Grove, by far our favorite restaurant of all time, which (alas) closed some years back when their child entered school and they wanted to be home in the evenings to be with him.

The menu:

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13 August 2011 at 9:48 am

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Cool kitty stuff

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I was never pet oriented, but kitties finally won me over. The Refined Feline has some very nice kitty furniture for others who live with cats. For example, The Wife’s kitty has this tower:

Molly likes it a lot—so much, in fact, that when visitors examine it, she runs over and gets on it and ostentatiously plays on it. Ostensibly, I believe, she is showing how much fun it is, but the real message is, “This is mine, see, so don’t get any ideas that you can take it.”

They also offer these, which I think look cool:

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13 August 2011 at 7:04 am

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