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Discovering music new to you

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I believe that it’s important to list regularly to categories of music to which you’re not accustomed, and particularly to music beyond current popular hits. As you’ve observed, I like jazz quite a bit, but I also enjoy classical music from all ages: an incredible richness and variety.

This post at Lifehacker has some good tips on finding music that you’ll enjoy whose like you’ve not heard before. Don’t rush it: listen to enough so that you feel as though you have an understanding.

One problem with the article: the focus seems to be on short pieces rather than extensive, lengthy musical works (symphonies, chorales, operas, and the like), and I believe the direction he sends you would make it unlikely that you would stumble across, say, excellent chamber music and string quartets. But certainly the post gives a start.

The mention of chamber music brought vividly to mind a record club (12″ LPs, still relatively new—by the time I entered high school, LPs had been out for just 5 years, and stereo was still several years in the future) I joined in high school: the record envelopes were cloth covered on the front side, as I recall, and the records themselves were clear red vinyl: very spiffy indeed. The Chamber Music Society.

Here’s a piece of chamber music: each movement given its own video (a weird choice, in my opinion, but clearly tailored to the very short attention spans suffered by many these days): Schubert, Quartet in C, D 956:

1. Allegro non tropo

2. Adagio

3. Scherzo

4. Allegretto

The work is discussed here.

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23 August 2011 at 3:01 pm

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Woods of Windsor

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Woods of Windsor for both soap and aftershave. The Semogue 2000 boar brush worked up a good lather, though still not a Creamy Lather—I’m learning—and the Merkur Sledgehammer Slant Bar with a previously used Iridium Super blade performed quite well. I tried a couple of alum block experiments.

One was that I’ve read about using the alum block as a kind of resin bag to make your fingers more grippy—for holding the razor or for stretching wet (and thus slippery) skin. That works a treat. I used the alum block on my right fingers and that totally put an end to the razor’s tendency to twist (because of the weight combined with the spiral engraving combined with a wet hand): my hands locked on with a one-ton grip (or so it felt).

OTOH, the tip I had read about using the alum block in the polishing pass—to tighten the skin and thus raise the stubble: it did not work for me at all. The alum block made the skin grippy so the razor wouldn’t slide, and more lather didn’t help. So it goes.

Withal, a very nice shave and learning experience, with a good splash of Woods of Windsor to send me on my way.

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23 August 2011 at 9:20 am

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