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Pilates brush routine

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I mentioned already how Joseph Pilates recommended the use of a no-handle body brush in the shower: brush every bit of your skin, which results in twisting, bending, stretching, stooping—a good little flexibility/balance workout every morning, and we know from shaving that daily practice produces rapid improvement. The skin serves as the mnemonic to ensure you’ve done the job: it’s easy to notice unbrushed skin when you’re inside the skin.

So yesterday I got this brush at Whole Foods. The handle is easy to remove: it is held in the slot only by friction. The bristles are made of tampico fiber: the unbleached skin of the agave plant. The instructions at the first link, like those attached to the brush, have you brush your entire body (face excluded) with the brush before you step into the shower. They claim that dry brushing works better. I liked it because I didn’t like the idea of squirming around in the (slippery) shower (though I do have non-slip stickers on the floor of the tub). Brushing in the bedroom seems safer.

I found a couple of things: you do indeed do a fair amount of twisting and bending; it doesn’t take long; and it feels great. I immediately called The Wife to let her in on this new information, and it turns out that she’s been doing this for years and thought everyone knew about it (thus never once telling me). Indeed, perhaps she’s right, and telling you about this is carrying coals to Newcastle, but it was new to me and I can’t be the only naïf on the planet.

Written by LeisureGuy

6 September 2011 at 7:30 am

Posted in Daily life, Pilates

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