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Benton Clay and Vetiver

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I ordered a couple of pucks of Benton Clay shaving soap after seeing it mentioned on Wicked_Edge. The unused puck is displayed to show the ingredients; the puck in the bowl is Vetiver Paradisi. And since we’re doing Vetiver today, I brought out the Saint Charles Shave Very V aftershave (she also has a Very V shaving soap and I have a tub of Saint Charles Shave Very V shaving cream froma  ways back). I had planned on holding that until next week—Shaving Cream Week—and use it with the redoubtable Cyril R. Salter Vetiver shaving cream: not for the meek.

I got a thick lather from the Benton Clay, thanks to the Thäter badger brush—a very nice brush. The lather, however, doesn’t persist very well: it sort of collapses and the second pass it was barely there. I ginned up fresh lather for the third pass, and did indeed get a good shaving using my Mühle R41 open comb. This is the older design; I tried the new design but it was too harsh for me.

Three passes were followed by a good splash of the Very V aftershave, which I like. The Saint Charles Shave aftershaves are definitely worth a try.

Now I’m off for my quarterly blood draw. My advice: avoid diabetes.

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16 September 2011 at 7:40 am

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