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What I do on my days off

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A commenter asked how I structure my day. It varies, of course, but in general:

Arise early (around 5:00 a.m. usually) and spend some time browsing the Web. First thing I do now is check Wicked_Edge, then review mail, look at newspapers. I play Go on, so I usually have moves to make.

After a while, I set up and photograph the morning shave, weigh (177.0 lbs this morning), shower, shave, and dress.

I then eat breakfast and blog a bit, then set the computer aside and write a letter. I try to write a letter each day to friends or family: using up stationery, staying in touch, and enjoying my pens and paper and writing.

That, with perhaps some reading, gets me to lunch, which is leftovers or I make a new pot of grub. (I’m still astonished that I drifted into vegetarianism: not a conscious decision, but I like to give my unconscious free rein when it’s going in the right direction.)

After lunch two days a week I have a Pilates session. Right now I’m going out on my bicycle at some point every day. But in general the afternoons are devoted to reading and writing. Dinner is more grub, and in the evenings I read or watch movies.

Not an onerous schedule. And it’s not one that requires a lot of willpower. First, I try to structure things to place as little demand on my willpower as possible (for example, you will search my apartment in vain for things like chocolate, croutons, cheese, and other foods that are too tempting for me to keep. Ice cream, too—I’ve been off that so long that I didn’t even think of it; and I try to convert things that I must do into things that are so enjoyable I am drawn to them: cf. shaving, meal planning (the template made an enormous positive difference in quality of meals and ease of preparation), etc.).

Also, you’ll notice that I spend my time doing things in which I’m interested. That helps a lot.

Written by LeisureGuy

28 September 2011 at 5:45 pm

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  1. LOL, you got me thinking about a great old joke about the news crew that interviews a gentleman on his 100th birthday. Eager to find the key to his longevity they ask him what his day looks like. He says:

    -I wake up every morning at precisely 7 AM.
    -At 7:15 I unrinate.
    -At 7:30 I defectae.
    -At 7:45, I get out of bed.


    28 September 2011 at 9:05 pm

  2. Yeah, you even have a spare time to play game! Awesome!

    Michael, looks like you day is full of content and well organized. I feel envy!

    In terms of reading, what are your reliable sourсes to select the books? Do you use Kindle?

    As far as I understood, you are reading your regular newspapers and magazines online?

    BWY, What time you go to bed?


    29 September 2011 at 6:19 am

  3. Finding books has not been a problem. First, books often recommend other books. Book reviews are a regular part of my reading, including reviews in newspapers (NY Times, for example), magazines (New Scientist, for example), reviews found in Google searches, etc. Plus when I become interested in a topic, I do searches for books on the topic. Our local libraries have on-line catalogs so I can search for books from home, put them on hold to be checked out later, and renew them.

    I use Kindle some, but mostly books themselves.

    Newspapers are on-line reading, but I subscribe to physical magazines as well (The Atlantic Monthly, New Yorker, New Scientist, Wired, The Week, and others).

    I generally go to bed around 21:30.


    29 September 2011 at 6:35 am

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