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Saponification and soaps

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I found this post quite interesting. It begins:

Let me start off by explaining how soaps work…

All soaps work the same, as they are surfactants. Soap, surfactant, detergent, and generally cleanser are synonymous…don’t let the marketing fool you! Detergent-free doesn’t make it “good” for your skin, nor does it mean anything really.

Surfactants/soap/detergent work by being attracted to both oil and water. One end of the surfactant/soap/detergent molecule is attracted to oil, and the opposite end is attracted to water. When you lather it on your skin, the soap molecules join together to form bubbles. The ends of the molecules that are attracted to oil are on the inside of the bubble, and the ends of the molecules that are attracted to water are on the outside of the bubble. This traps oil (along with dirt and bacteria) from the surface of your skin inside the bubbles, and since the ends that are attracted to water are on the outside, they’re easily rinsed away.

Now on to saponified soaps…

Saponified soap needs two components, a fat and a caustic. The fat can be . . .

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6 January 2012 at 11:12 am

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Another odd statement in Extra Virginity

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About halfway through the book, the author is visiting Andreas März, and writes:

März set the olive oil bottles he’d collected in a row on the kitchen table, a slab of age-polished oak fifteen feet on a side.

What caught my eye was a kitchen table that (apparently) is 15 feet on each side: 225 square feet, larger than most rooms in my apartment. And since you can reach only about 4 feet from the edge with any comfort, this leaves a square 7 feet per side of unreachable area in the middle of the table: 50 square feet, more or less, of dead area—good, perhaps for dried flower arrangements that require no attention, since access to that part of the table would involve in getting up on the table.

But having a kitchen table that’s a square 15 feet on each side makes one wonder: How big is that kitchen? You certainly would want more than a little room on each side of the table, otherwise the room simply becomes the table with a walkway around it. Say, 10 fee open on each side, so the kitchen would be at least a square 35 feet per side: 1225 square feet.

That kitchen is bigger than my apartment. And I’m still staggered by having a kitchen table that’s a square 15 feet on each side. It seems WAY too big to be useful—and all that dead area in the middle!



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6 January 2012 at 8:42 am

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S3S and T&H

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I tried the Truefitt & Hill shave oil again, partly so I could photograph it from the front. This time I rubbed it into my beard following the pre-shave wash with MR GLO. Tomorrow I’ll use another Truefitt & Hill soap and see whether I can detect a difference.

The Simpson Persian Jar 2 Super did a fine job of lather creation, and I like the Trafalgar fragrance. I’m no good at describing fragrances—I can’t even put my finger on the familiar fragrance of the shave oil—but I like this one.

Three passes of the formidable iKon S3S holding a Personna 74 blade which has not shown any sign of discouragement so far, and then another squirt of the Intesa, which I’m finding I rather like—and it’s not just the nifty dispenser.

Fine shave, good day. Many nice things going on: The loud-party tenants are moving out, I’m visiting today with a writer, it’s Friday, I’m going to be back under 175 lbs by Monday I imagine, and tomorrow The Wife and I shall go EVOO tasting and see what we can find, now that I am armed with a little learning from Extra Virginity. I have a new long-term weight management scheme, which probably will not work for all: whenever my weight goes above 175 lbs I am restricted to shaving cream only—no shaving soap. Shaving soap will be available to me only when I am under 175. That should do it.

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6 January 2012 at 7:04 am

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