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Now that I have my new glasses, I can see better, but somehow I’m getting terrible headaches that I think is caused by my constantly have to switch between glasses, no glasses, and computer glasses, each with different effects on eyes.

Once I get the surgery next week, I’ll probably go glassless for a month (the month it takes for things to settle down), and then get an eye test and take the results to Zenni Optical. They look quite good, and their site is ingenious in simplifying the picking of frames, including “trying on” the glasses to see how they look on a face shaped like yours (picked from a gallery of face shapes). I think they should allow me to upload a face-front photo of myself so I can see how the glasses would look on me. But I’m definitely going that route, and now I can return to progressive lenses, thank God. (I a progressive through and through.)

Probably scant blogging for a while.

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20 January 2012 at 1:30 pm

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IKons galore and Lavanda

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Today I am showing off my iKon collection. Not included: the bamboo-handled S3S. I doubt that I’ll spring for that one, since I already have an S3S. Left to right:

The very first iKon (at that time, I think it was simply called “the iKon razor”)

The second model, the long-handled HP (highly polished) iKon, for which I purchased both the straight-bar head (shown in back, next to the brush) and the open-comb head on the razor. Both are spectacularly comfortable, in marked contrast to the first model, which for me was harsh. I later had this razor gold-plated, as you see. did the work.

The “Bulldog OC” (open comb), which became extremely popular. You can now buy the Bulldog handle separately to make a hefty Frankenrazor.

The OSS: this was the first asymmetric razor (open comb on one side, straight bara on the other) that iKon made. At first I thought I’d use open comb on first pass, straight bar on later passes, but it was too much trouble, so I in fact use it like a regular razor, flipping to the other side when one side fills with lather. Works fine because the two sides are harmonious: same blade angle, for example.

The H2O: a two-piece design, with the handle attached to the baseplate with a bearing so the handle can turn separately to tighten the cap (which covers the ends of the baseplate). The trick in two-piece razors is how to attach the cap: if you use a threaded connection, the threads must somehow turn while the cap maintains a constant orientation with respect to the baseplate-handle unit. I’ve seen three answers:

  1. the bearing that allows the handle to turn independently while still attached to baseplate (Pils also uses this);
  2. making the handle hollow and using a threaded shaft up the interior to engage the head, the shaft turning independently of the handle and often held inside the handle with a friction ring (Merkur does this with most of their two-piece razors); and
  3. not using a threaded connection and thus no rotation necessary: cf. the snap-on cap of the Futur two-piece razor.

The S3S: A standard 3-piece design and marvelous shaver. Again the asymmetric head, but a head design more like the H2O, but no bearing involved. The S3S is a sturdy razor that gives terrific shaves, and “hefty” doesn’t touch it.

The SK9: Very similar to the H2O but the head parts are stainless steel rather than aluminum.

I started the shave with MR GLO, of course, and then used the Lavanda shaving cream from, a gift sent with my most recent razor order. Nice fragrance, not strong, and really excellent lather, despite the brush. That brush is my least favorite horsehair: the long loft provides lots of capacity (thus the “barber brush” cognomen) but for me offers insufficient resilience. I picked the SK9, loaded with a previously used Astra Superior Platinum blade, and enjoyed three very smooth passes. The Lavanda aftershave is also excellent and provided a fine finish.

Currently both and have iKons in stock, and perhaps other vendors as well. They do tend to sell out.

UPDATE: I want to thank Kevin J. for sending that first-model iKon back to me. I had posted that it was terribly harsh, and Kevin expressed interest, so it went to him. When I posted something about having an almost complete collection except for the first model, he contacted me to offer to return it to me: too harsh for him as well. So: thank you, Kevin! I really appreciate your kind spirit and generosity.

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20 January 2012 at 9:45 am

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